Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Starter Traveller - Strange New Worlds VIII

Sectors 0801-0810

Sector 0801 - Eamnaba - B677457-C - Navy Base, Gas Giant
Eamnaba is a nearly perfect world, with only a tainted atmosphere going against it. The descendants of the original terraformers have kept the atmosphere in it's current status in order to maintain their positions of power.  In spite of this, the people of Eamnaba enjoy a very high standard of living, and are currently very content, even though they have to wear filters when outside their habitats. 

Sector 0802 - Dreroost - B649624-5 - Scout Base, Gas Giant
The storm ravaged oceans of Dreroost do a very effective job of hiding the millions of inhabitants in their undersea cities.  While the firearm laws of Dreroost are fairly relaxed, no weapon/ammo able to pierce the shells of the undersea domes is legal. 

Sector 0803 - Empty

Sector 0804 - Empty

Sector 0805 - Empty

Sector 0806 - Empty

Sector 0807 - Thayoeth - B331443-D - Gas Giant
This small planetoid is home to herds of giant capybara that eat the wild drygrass that covers the vast majority of this world.  The people of Thayoeth work hard, and live well, with simple pleasures and strong family bonds.  They aren't big fans of outsiders.

Sector 0808 - Sheatecke - C725314-7 - Scout Base
The private world of Sheateck, home to a mere 2 thousand inhabitants, is a high security prison planet, and off limits to anyone, not that there is much of a reason for anyone to visit.  Being a prison world, the sector is listed as an Amber Zone.

Sector 0809 - Luosse - C341365-9
A generally poor world, Luosse does have one thing of value - a large content of radioactive materials useful for ship building.  The former government of Luosse began to raise the price of the material 3 years ago exponentially.  This is the reason that the Emirates of Serte invaded last year.  As such there is an Amber Zone in effect.

Sector 0810 - Serte - A9879B7-C - Navy Base, Gas Giant
The shipyards of Serte are booming, which is why the Imperial Navy is in town.  In a system boasting 3 gas giants, and 2 asteroid fields there is very little that the system is lacking, except for radioactives.

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  1. A good mix. The relationship between Luosse and Serte has especial interest, but I'd be interested in eploring any of today's six.

    Well done on getting through them! That was a great endeavour and offered plenty of inspiration to me and I'm sure many others too. Shows just how much the system has to offer with a scoop of imagination added.