Friday, January 14, 2011

Silver Wardog

Rathgar’s blow knocked the ruffian to the ground.  Around him his companions seemed to be handing the rest of the rabble quite handily, leaving the leader finally unprotected. 

The lithe human in dark studded leather frowned and tightened his grip on his short sword with his one hand, while the other reached quickly into a pouch at his hip.  Withdrawing a small silver figure, he yelled out “Sick ‘em!”

A glowing white mist flowed out of the figure toward Rathgar, forming into a large white dog with glowing eyes that leapt straight for him.   

Silver Wardog
This stylized figurine stands approximately 4” tall.  When activated, it will summon a spectral dog which will obey the commands of the activator.  Every round after the first the spectral dog must make a Saving Throw vs Death Ray or the item will deactivate until the next day. 

Spectral Dog
Armor Class: 4
Hit Dice: 4+2** (L)
Move: 180’ (60’)
Attacks: 1 bite
Damage: 2d4+2
No. Appearing: 1 (1)
Save As: F4
Morale: 12
Treasure Type: Nil
Intelligence: 4
Alignment: Neutral
XP Value: 275

Monster Type: Giant Animal, Enchanted (rare)
The Spectral Dog is the manifestation of the spirit of a great wardog.  It appears as a large dog made of glowing white mist.  The Spectral Dog is not undead, and can not be turned.  It is also immune to all sleep, charm, and hold spells, as well as all non-magical weapons. 


  1. Not only do I really think that is a cool monster, I really love the amulet, it looks like a Nordic wolf. Where did you find that?

    I need one.

  2. I found it on a google search -