Saturday, January 8, 2011

Links worth passing on

Al at Beyond the Black Gate has come up with some old school magic items for 1st level characters.  Some of the comments offer some good tweaks on the original post, so be sure to read them too.

If you're curious about those Fate Cards WotC is putting out for 4e, but have no interest in spending cash for them, Jamie over at For a Fistful of Coppers has a link to some free fan made Drama Cards.  Or you can get them directly from here.  Tim over at Gothridge Manor has some fair thoughts on the subject too.

Sorcery and Super Science posts briefly about the joys of rolling hit points for monsters

What do you do in this game?  The Omnipotent Eye tackles this question, and brings up some interesting points.  Again, worth checking out the comments too.

Stonewerks' Mystery Meat (a fun weekly series) is The Raven EXD-5200S-RVN an Explorer Class Ship (Type D) for Traveller.  A great little ship for some PC's to take on a spin.

The Dump Stat shares some thoughts on Tag Team Powers for 4e.


  1. The funny thing about your title is that I took it to mean exactly the opposite of what you actually meant. I read "Links worth passing on." to mean "The following links are worth so little that you should pass on clicking them." Like there was something wrong with them.


  2. 8-/

    That was not at all what I meant! I'll have to spend a little more time thinking about titles in the future!

    I do hope you enjoyed them.

  3. Definitely. Just a strange disconnect for me when I failed my reading comprehension test.