Sunday, January 16, 2011

Corgi PCs for Rules Cyclopedia

Today is the birthday of my corgi Alice.  I wanted to do something special to celebrate it here, so I present the Rules Cyclopedia Corgi character class.  I’m basing this on the tradition of fairy tales that include talking animals, and literature such as C.S. Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia. 

Character Class: Corgi
Prime Requisite: Dexterity & Intelligence
Other Requirements: Strength 9 or better, Dexterity 9 or better, and a maximum of Wisdom 13
Experience Bonus: 5% bonus for either Dexterity or Intelligence of 13 or better.  10% bonus for both Dexterity and Intelligence of 13 or better.
Hit Dice: 1d6 per level up to Level 9, +2 at Level 10 and Constitution bonuses no longer apply.
Maximum Level: 10 – Every 300,000xp earned after reaching level 10 grants an increase in attack rank.  
Armor: Corgis have a base AC of 7, and may use Leather, Scale, or Chain only, no shield.  Armor must be specifically designed for Corgi characters.
Weapons: Natural attacks
Special Abilities: Combat Bonus, Improved Speed, Improved Natural Attack, Fighter Combat Options (Hook, Slow), Weave

A Corgi is a diminutive tailless canine, standing around a foot at the shoulder, and weighing between 20-35lbs.  They usually have a reddish orange fur with a white belly, although tricolor examples are not uncommon.   They have large expressive ears, and big brown eyes.  
Corgis are extremely quick and inquisitive creatures, even when keeping their noses out of things would be the wiser course of action.   They are generally outgoing creatures, and very protective of their herd.  They can be mischievous, but become very serious when a job (or food) is at hand.
Some fairy creatures have been known to use corgis as mounts.  This is especially common among pixies and brownies. 

Corgi Experience Table
Level                XP                   Attack Rank
1                      0
2                      2,000
3                      4,000
4                      8,000
5                      16,000
6                      32,000
7                      64,000
8                      128,000           A
9                      258,000           B
10                    516,000           C
                        +300,000         D*, E, F, etc.

*Gains 2 attacks per round

Saving Throws as Halfling

Class Details
Prime Requisite: Corgis have 2 prime requisites: Dexterity and Intelligence.  If either of these abilities is 13 or greater the character gains a 5% bonus to experience points earned in every adventure.  If both of these scores are 13 or greater, the experience point bonus is 10%
Minimum Scores: A corgi character must have a score of 9 or better in both Strength and Dexterity, and can not have a Wisdom score higher than 13.
Hit Dice: Roll a 6-sided die to determine a corgi’s hit points.  A corgi starts with 1d6 hit points (plus con bonus, if any) and gains 1d6 more hit points (plus bonus) every level through 9.  At level 10 the corgi will gain an additional 2 hit points, and any constitution bonus will no longer apply
Armor:  Corgis require custom armor, and can wear any armor up to and including chain mail.  This armor will cost the standard amount due to the smaller amount of material required, however unless the armorer has experience making armor for corgis, there will be a delay in its completion. 
Weapons:  Corgis us only their own natural bite and slam attacks.  If armored, the corgi may make use of spiked armor. 

Special Abilities
Combat Bonus
In addition to receiving the same combat bonus as Fighters, all corgis gain the following bonuses when in combat:
-2 bonus to armor class when fighting creatures of greater than man-sized.
+1 bonus to individual initiative.

Improved Speed
Corgis are fast, in spite of their short legs. 
Level                Movement Value
1                      180’
3                      190’
5                      200’
7                      210’
9                      220’

Improved Natural Attack
A corgi’s bite can be worse than their bark.  As a corgi gains experience their bite attack becomes more effective.  These attacks don’t gain attack or damage bonuses of their magic-weapon equivalents, but can hit a creature as if the indicated weapons were used.
Level                Base Damage               Weapon Equivalent
1                      1d4                              Normal weapon
2                      1d4                              Silver weapon
4                      1d6                              Silver weapon
5                      1d6                              +1 weapon
7                      1d8                              +1 weapon
8                      1d8                              +2 weapon
10                    1d8                              +3 weapon

Fighter Combat Options
As master herding creatures, corgis may make use of the fighter combat options hook and slow starting at level 1.  They gain a second attack when they reach 816,000xp.
Hook – A corgi can knock the feet out from under their opponent.  Corgis may even hook creatures that are immune to the damage that corgis can inflict.  Opponents with more than 4 legs, or are larger than man-sized receive a +2 bonus to their saving throw.
Slow – By nipping at the heels of their opponent they can cause them to be slowed.  Any opponent slowed by a corgi may make a saving throw every other round vs. paralysis to shake off the effect.    

The agile corgi is able to slip between peoples legs, around tight corners, and under low obstacles with ease, moving at full speed and suffering no penalty while doing so.  On a roll (d20 + Dex bonus + level) of 18 or better a corgi succeeds in her attempt.  Should the corgi fail her movement will be halted appropriately by the DM, and she may be susceptible to an attack or other penalty.  

Corgi spiked armor – Any armor made for a corgi may be modified with blades and spikes.  Any armor so modified allows the corgi to attack with a body slam attack which will cause 2d4 points of damage, but requires that the corgi moves at least 10’ immediately prior to the attack.  Otherwise the armor causes 1d6 points of damage.  The armor may be used to hook, but not slow an opponent.  The cost to create spiked armor is 150% base cost of the armor. 

Alice is always ready for an adventure!
Alicemonster the Charismatic - Corgi Level 1 
Lawful       XP:150           

Str 10
Int 5           Speak simple common, can’t read or write
Wis 5         -2 to Save vs Spells
Dex 15       +1 to AC
Con 9
Cha 18       +3 to reaction rolls (“Oh how cute!”)

HP: 3              
AC: 6 (base 7 + Dex bonus)
Attack: 1 bite or slam               
Damage 1d4

Alicemonster the Charismatic is the sweetest corgi you will ever meet.  Her greatest desire is for everyone to be friends.  While she is highly inquisitive, she has no common sense, and will stick her nose into any hole, and eat just about anything she finds that smells good.  If she doesn’t eat it, she’ll roll in it. Generally known as “Alice” to her friends (aka – everyone) she will do everything in her power to help anyone who may or may not need or want it. 


  1. She's a very beautiful dog.

    I don't know much about corgis, so I can't vouch for the accuracy of the rules, but it seems you know plenty. Hopefully you've not been on the receiving end of too much of that adventuring talent.

    She also owns a lot of cool stuff!

  2. I really appreciate that there are now rules to play Corgis in two major editions. :)

  3. That picture is cracking me up. She is owning that GMs screen.

  4. Anyone who connects my two favorite things, Dogs and Gaming, is A.O.K. in my book!

    Happy Birthday Alice! Delilah (my dog) sends her love (and the best sniffing spots in NYC).

  5. alice is adorable.

    I actually had toyed with the idea of using corgis as fairy steeds in my campaign and now I have no excuse not to do so!

    My own corgi, Emma, would likely agree.

  6. I love this blog post. Great picture.