Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Starter Traveller - Strange New Worlds VII

Sectors 0701-0710

Sector 0701 - Empty

Sector 0702 - Argell - B776554-7 - Scout Base, Gas Giant
The agroworld of Argell is a wild place with spots of industry that are beginning to poison the atmosphere.  Some roving bands of ecoterrorists have been assaulting these industrial centers.  The technocrats have been ineffective in their attempts to stop them. 

Sector 0703 - Empty

Sector 0704 - Empty

Sector 0705 - Kairtehe - A564885-9 - Scout Base, Gas Giant
This gleaming gem of a world boasts a shiny new starport, paid for through the profits of the trade that passes through the system, the farms that grow plentiful foods, and the industries that keep the people employed.  The civil service does what it can to keep everything according to plan, which has been successful for the most part.  The major stain on their work is the growing drug trade, and decadent amusements the people of Kairtehe are beginning to adopt.

Sector 0706 - Empty

Sector 0707 - Empty

Sector 0708 - Empty

Sector 0709 - Shaish -D657477-4 - Gas Giant
From the sunken bays of the dirtside starport the calls from the sellers in the trade square can easily be heard, and few of them are in the imperial standard tongue.  The starport resides in the richest and most powerful nation state on the surface.  Which nation is the most powerful is determined by which one controls the starport.  There are a large number of defensive structures around it, and the skys overhead are filled with an odd mix of military zeppelins, propeller planes, and a couple of imported sky-speeders.

Sector 0710 - Empty


  1. All three locations have plenty of potential, but the last even offers a route in for wargames.

  2. Glad you're enjoying them... one more to go!