Saturday, January 29, 2011

Mapping by candlelight

I drew this map while laying next to the fireplace, which was filled with candles.  It's the lair of the Witch of the Deep. I picture it fitting in as a sublevel, and connecting 2 main levels together, but not

As you can see, I used some color, and I drew in more features than I usually do.   I haven't decided where "C" leads to yet. "A" goes to the megadungeon proper, but I'm also not sure where yet.  "B" leads off into water filled tunnels, and the stairs in the Witch's lair itself go down into a lower dungeon level. 

The lair itself is reached by climbing a ledge up to her door. The first room reached is her main room with her cauldron and loom. Beyond that is her bedroom, complete with vanity and wardrobe. Up above that is the summoning room, and below is the witches storage area


  1. Great map! I like your use of blue color, will have to acquire some colored pencils myself.

  2. I bought a set over a year ago with the intention of using them for my mapping. This is the first map I've used one on.