Sunday, January 23, 2011

Monthly Audience Participation for February

Once again, I'm opening it up.  What would you like me to blog about?  Want more reviews? Magic items? Monsters? Corgis?

Leave a comment, and let me know.

Also, there is a new poll over to the right about genre preference in your games.


  1. I'd like to see some more interesting locations like The Old Kings:

    But magic items and monsters are always useful. Oh and I wouldn't mind seeing The Witch of the Deep adapted as a character class, now that would add nice flavour to a campaign, and let's face it, most previous attempts at a witch class have been pretty crappy.

  2. Must say I am a fan of both Pulp Adventure and Superheroic RPGs as well.

  3. Corgis!

    Old School Corgis! 4e Corgis! Half-Dragon Corgis! Corgi Warriors! Corgi Spirits! The Corgi Civil War!


  4. @austrodavicus - Locations. Check! Witch character class... That would take some work, but it's worth considering.

    @seaofstarsrpg - I've never played in either of those genres, and totally forgot about them. A gaping hole in my gaming experience.

    @Dyson - Corgis. Check! The Epic War of the Tail when Pembroke Welsh Corgis fought Cardigan Corgis.

  5. Anything mega-dungeon related that can be pillaged! The most interesting include maps and unusual encounters/trips/traps/etc.

  6. I just found your blog and we have some very similar interests. I'm enjoying it quite a bit. I'd like to see more actual play stories, from whatever game you're running.