Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dice Bags

 A lot of attention is given to dice, and rightly so.  They are important aspects of our hobby, and many people have very strong feelings about them.  This is why there are such a huge variety of dice available.  From the simple utilitarianism of game science, to the bargain basement cheap multicolored, to wildly extravagant and expensive styles, to the dangerous to the table metal dice.

Yet I don't know a single gamer that just grabs a scoop of dice out of a bucket, sticks them in his pocket on his way to game.  I'm sure he's out there, somewhere, but I've never seen him. No, the vast majority of gamers have a bag, or even multiple bags that they keep their dice in. It isn't uncommon that different sets of dice will have different dedicated bags.

There is a lot of variety in dice bags, but there are some common ones. First is the cheap vinyl one  that comes in the basic intro boxed sets. These were really common in the 90's. I've got one from the First Adventure boxed set, and another from... some other starter set from TSR.

Next is the ubiquitous Crown Royal bag. Most gamers I know that have and use these are under the legal drinking age, and most of them were given to them by older gamers. I gave mine away.

Another bag that younger gamers can have is the home made bag. Mine is on the large side, and I used it for LARPing.

Chainmail bags with leather straps are pretty common too. As cool as they look, they do have some downsides.  For one thing, they're heavy.  For another they don't tend to hold a lot of dice.  I used mine for my Khorne Berzerkers - red and black d6s.

Leather bags are a little more common than chain.  They tend to hold more, and they weigh a lot less.

The last bag I'm gonna blog about is this fantastic little TSR bag that I got attending the Silver Anniversary Tour.  I keep 2 complete sets of dice in it, and this is the bag I usually brought to game with.

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