Saturday, January 22, 2011

One Hour Dungeon Nexus

Since I haven't seen anyone else collect the One Hour Dungeon posts, I thought I would do it.

Planet Algol started it off.

Aeons & Augauries used Adobe Illustrator to make one, geomorphs and digital tools for another, and he hand drew one too.

Quickly, Quietly, and Carefully posted one.  Then he posted another.

Nice of Carto Cartography took a stab at it, as well as doing a regular map roundup that's well worth keeping an eye on.

Dyson spent a little longer on his (2 Stargate episodes). And now has done a proper one hour dungeon.  Plus he's created a genuine Dyson Logos background fill! He then did another 2 hour dungeon, and then another one hour dungeon.

Of course I got in on it too.

Blood of Prokopius got in on the action with this nice computer generated map.  Ok, he really took 80 minutes to do it, but he posted what it looked like at 60 minutes.

The Lands of Ara completed a Robocop Dungeon -  it took an hour and 43 minutes aka the length of  Robocop!

Shane Knysh of Fictitious Entry added his dwarven/kobold/dragon one hour dungeon.

If you know of any I missed, please let me know so I can add them to the list!

**Edited 1/25 to add Dyson's map.
***Edited 1/28 to add Blood of Prokopius
****Edited 2/2 to add The Lands of Ara
*****Edited 2/21 to add Dyson's new maps.
******7/30 added Shane Knysh's map


  1. I haven't posted anything about mine yet, because A. My players read my blog, and B. That would mean that I'd have to explain what all of those weird things in the walls do, which is pretty tough, as the player I chose to take as a "test case" to see how intuitive it was took it a wee bit too literally when I said they reversed and started asking me how a hole could flip. Fun stuff, as they'll need to find just what the safe zones are for each square and we don't have minis or anything like that...

  2. I had fun with the one hour dungeon mapping experiment. It's a little surprising how much map one can get done in that amount of time.

  3. I will be posting mine later tonight or first thing tomorrow. THANKS for the Nexus!

  4. Drawing these is addictive. Mapping without a plan or requirements gives me a nice sense of flow. I'm glad Planet Algol started this.

  5. Awesome job.

    I'll be posting an actual one-hour map later this week. Probably Tuesday morning.

  6. @Paul: Agreed! I'm thinking about doing another one later this week if I get time.