Tuesday, January 25, 2011


“A wizard did it.” Feris answered matter-of-factly.

“Stop saying that.” Nimble grumbled.

“What do you want me to tell you?”

“Something other than ‘a wizard did it’. Seriously, you’ve got to find some other excuse for the weird shit we keep coming across.”

The camp fire crackled merrily along, roasting dinner on Rathgar’s travel spit.

“Well a wizard did do it, along with the owl bear, hippogriff, and the gryphon!”

“Look, guys, I don’t care who did it. It was creepy, and I hope we don’t find any more of them.” Rathgar said from across the fire.

“Not creepy enough to keep you from eating it.” Alianora pointed out.

“No, that’s true.” Rathgar answered, cutting a piece from the spit. “Hua, I didn’t expect that.”

“What?” Nimble asked.

“Tastes like chicken.”

Canigryph (Gallus Canis)
Aka Chicken-Dog

Armor Class: 7
Hit Dice: 2+2
Move: 180’ (60’)
Attacks: 1 peck or special
Damage: 1d4+1
No. Appearing: 3d4+1 (3d6+1)
Save As: M1
Morale: 6
Treasure Type: Nil
Intelligence: 1
Alignment: Neutral
XP Value: 25

Canagriffs are the magical amalgam of a dog’s body with the head of a chicken. They are aggressive omnivores, yet highly fearful. In any encounter the entire flock must make a morale check as soon as any of its members are injured, or they will flee. Canagriff males (1 per flock) do have one special attack, a crowing which will automatically rally any canagriff that has failed its morale check. In addition, this crowing will also cause any non-canagriff within earshot to make a save vs spells or flee for 1d6 rounds.


  1. It got a smile out of me, and the story was great fun. Which breed is the one in the picture? A cocker spaniel?

  2. Kentucky Fried Canigryphs!


  3. @Porky~ I really don't know, but my wife thinks it's a Parson Russel Terrier. I think she's probably right.

    @Grendelwulf~ I didn't even think of that, but it's brilliant!