Monday, January 3, 2011

Starter Traveller - Strange New Worlds VI

Sectors 0601-0610.

Sector 0601 - Guoffo - X150510-6 Gas Giant
The corporate world of Guoffo has been nearly depleted of  value, at least the corporate overseers think so.  It hasn't been helped that the local overseers have been denying that there have been any profits for years now, and they even sabotaged the starport, destroying it.  The local gas giant is currently migrating out of the system, disrupting the orbits of the rest of the local stellar bodies.

Sector 0602 - Empty

Sector 0603 - Empty

Sector 0604 - Clele - A6C1647-B  - Navy Base, Gas Giant
Clele is a poisonous world, a noxious green landscape orbiting a noxious yellow gas giant.  Yet from these corrosive vapors comes a medical technology that has saved countless lives.  A local Navy Base runs the starport, and protects the system. 

Sector 0605 - Driash - C000414-B - Gas Giant
Durash was once an eden, a gloriously lush orb.  It is now a broken fragmented asteroid field being mined for material and investigated to see what exactly caused the destruction of the world.  The starport hosts both a research station and an ore refinery.

Sector 0606 - Aesselo - A8547BC-A  - Scout Base, Gas Giant
Queen Valentine is a fat, boorish, selfish slob of a woman, and the people hate her.  However, she is incredibly intelligent, and there is little chance of the crown slipping from her brow.  

Sector 0607 - Isheah - A587848-A - Scout Base, Gas Giant
The 400 million plus inhabitants of Isheah enjoy a lush, and generally welcoming environment.  The planet is smaller than it's earth normal gravity would indicate due to a higher than average heavy element makeup.  A world wide representative government generally allows it's people a high level of freedom of expression, but keeps a tight grip on available weapons, and doesn't look kindly on violent visitors. 

Sector 0608 - Artienang - C988668-7 - Scout Base, Gas Giant
There is one main continent on this world, with a large central desert, and a number of tropical of archipelagos.  Currently the system is being used to spy on the goings on in the Tau Erython system.  The rules of the system, King Alexander knows of the spys, as they have his family hostage.  The rest of the kingdom believes that his family is off visiting Saecketo (sector 0506).

Sector 0609 - Haustew - C8C5362-6 - Scout Base, Gas Giant
The insidious atmosphere of Haustew is a naturally occuring feature due to the chlorine oceans that cover half of this world.  The people are contained in a single contained city that is currently being held by "pirates."  In reality, these "pirates" are actually corporate espionage agents interested in gaining access to Tau Erython who found King Alexander unwilling to deal with them. 

Sector 0610 - Empty


  1. Love these. Packed full of adventure potential, just like every good world should :)

  2. More good ideas. I like the mix of sci-fi and fantasy elements. The migrating gas giant, asteroid field under investigation and occupied city are all interesting.