Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Reflections on A to Z

Now that the 2013 A to Z Challenge is over, it’s time to do a little reflecting.

One of the big goals I had for the challenge was to get back into the habit of blogging. You may have noticed that aside from April my posts have been pretty sparse, and most of them have been in the Sunday Inspirational Image group. Picture posts are easy, but I never wanted this blog to be just pictures. It’s a place for me to write, and the writing stopped with the beginning of my final semester of my Masters degree.

In that, the A to Z succeeded, for April anyway, and I’m done with my degree. So there should be no excuse for further slacking off!

One thing that I failed at was visiting other blogs and leaving comments. It just didn’t happen. In part, this was because I already follow an awful lot of blogs, and keeping up on my standard reading takes a significant amount of time. I used to be much better about it too, but there are just so many interesting people writing interesting things that it’s hard to trim the list. That also makes it hard to get around to commenting on the interesting things.

As for the rundown on my posts, I’m really pleased with Alizario, Cerebral Slime, the demon bunny Jak-Arakit, Umbral Walker, and Yanaloth the demon prince. When I settled on monsters for my theme, I didn’t expect to be creating so many undead and demons yet about half of them were.

There were a couple of trouble letters too. For most of the alphabet I had my monsters picked before April even started. O, Q, T, U, and Y didn’t get picked till the night before, and I didn’t finish X in time, so it was posted on Sunday.

I have been thinking about putting this all together in a PDF. I was originally hoping that all the monsters based on Reaper’s minis would be pictures of minis I’d painted, but I still haven’t gotten my Bones Kickstarter shipment yet, so I’m debating whether to wait or not. Is a PDF something you're interested in? There's a poll off to the right

 And here's the list of posts, just in case you missed any of them.


  1. Dave, I can certainly appreciate the "time" problem. I follow a number of blogs myself and, as you say, just keeping up with the reading of them can consume a great deal of time.

    Commenting on them is something that's done "judiciously."

    Been enjoying your monsters!

  2. My favorite is definitely the Mechanical Quahog.