Thursday, May 23, 2013

New Magic Item: Armadillo Throne

"Bring them forward" The queen ordered. Her fancy orange coat draped artistically over the ridged arms of the throne, and her black nails tapped impatiently.

The all female guard snapped to attention as the companions stepped forward, and bowed before the throne. "Majesty, we-" Rathgar began.

"Quiet" the queen huffed, slapping her hand upon the throne, and her back stiffening. "You shall remain silent, man-thing"

Nimble and Feris exchanged quick glances, as Allianora stepped between the queen and Rathgar. "A thousand apologies, your highness." She glanced back at Rathgar with arched eyebrows. "He often speaks out of turn."

Nimble silently reached forward, placing his hand on Rathgar's shoulder.

"I thank you for this audience, and beg the queen's indulgence. It is said that within your vaults there is a musical sphere which is capable of driving the sanity from any who hears it."

"This is true. It is one of my greatest treasures." The queens lips twitched into what might have been a smile.

"We-I would like to use this mighty weapon, in your name, to aid in the destruction of the warlock that created your evil clone. His transgression can not stand while your radiant example brightens the very lives of all of those below you who can't help but love you." Allianora carefully rubbed the gold and platinum ring.

Armadillo Throne

The magic of the Armadillo Throne is legendary. Anyone sitting upon the throne will automatically receive a +1 reaction bonus. A Corgi character will receive double the bonus, and be able to cast Charm Person 3/day. However, they are also more likely to fall under the sway of charm effects themselves as they bask in the adoration of those who look upon them (-2 to all save against charm related effects).

Today is Lucy's birthday, and this post is in honor of the Ikea Poang chair she sleeps on every night with her 3 stuffed armadillos (and other assorted toys).The picture above is how Lucy thinks of the chair. This is what it looks like in reality.

Image Source: Giant Armadillo Crew by MikhailD

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  1. Cool. I've always thought their should be be more armadillos in fantasy rpgs.