Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Post Balticon: Short Films Review

As part of the Balticon experience, there is a short film festival on Sunday night. There were some really good films this year too. If I embedded it, it's absolutely worth watching! Below are links to the films and my ratings of each on a 1-5 scale:

The Reward - 5

Abiogenesis - 3 (link is to trailer only)

The Milk Run - 4
I really liked the end on this one.

The Saga of Biorn - 5
Watch this one now!

Netty Carlise and Iron Hands - 4
This one has an interesting D&D idea - a map in someone's hair!

Rollin Safari - 3.5
No real plot, but very cute.

C (299,792 km/second) - 3
Interesting premis, but desperately in need of some editing.

Luminaris - 4
Who'd have thought lightbulbs could be so interesting?

Ella - 3.5
I liked this, but it's completely missing a sci-fi/fantasy element, so I'm not sure why it was shown at Balticon.

Defining Fey - 4.5
This was fascinating, sadly this only links to the FB page for the movie.

The Titans of Newark - 5
The Greek gods meddle in the affairs of a Jersey accountant, featuring the minotaur and Calypso!

Culling - 3.5
The link only goes to a couple of pictures, not the video. In an irradiated, subterranean future world, a teenage boy finds himself having to re-evaluate his family values.

Behind - 4
Can't find a link, but this was a cute video of a little girl and her backpack

The Gate - 3
Great special effects, needed some editing

Catzilla - 3
Just what it sounds like.

Far- 4.5
I really liked this one, but this is only a link to the trailer. It's a live action short, about a very special date.

Dolls Factory - 3.5
I'd have rated this higher, but like several of the other shown, I think it needed a bit more editing.

Caldera - 2.5
Very pretty, but... I'm not really clear on what's going on.

Sleepworking - 2.5
Trailer only. Of all the movies shown this one was so very clearly student's work. It's got a very interesting premiss, but it needs some cleaning up.

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