Saturday, April 20, 2013

New Monster: Reptiloid

“Nimble, back away.”

“I’m waiting for it to blink” Nimble’s lips barely moved. “It hasn’t moved... maybe it’s asleep?”

“Just back up, we’ve got you in case it comes at you.” Rathgar’s voice seemed overly loud in the quiet of the water filled cave.

“It hasn’t blinked.” Nimble hissed.

The water near the creature sloshed, and another pair of black eyes began to stare at the adventurers.

“Frelling...” Rathgar began. “The longer you stand there, the more of them there are going to be. Let’s not repeat what happened with the quahogs.”

“The pearl was worth it.”

“I don’t think they have pearls. Look, just back up.” Rathgar tapped his blade softly against his shield edge. “I’ll get them if they come after you.”

“Ok, here goes...” Nimble began to back up the rocky beach very slowly. Rathgar flexed his fingers around the grip of his sword, and crouched, ready to spring to Nimble’s aid.

Step by tentative step Nimble backed away, until a pebble slid out from under his foot. Nimble pinwheeled his arms, and the creature launched itself at the sudden motion, its gaping maw promised a toothy end.

Rathgar leaped a moment later, but the creature was fast, and he wouldn’t make it in time. A second stone slipped under Nimble’s feet, and he fell, just as the beast would have landed on his chest.


Armor Class: 6
Hit Dice: 2+1* (M)
Move: 150' (50')
Attacks: 2 or special
Damage: 1d4/1d4 or special
No. Appearing: 1d6 (3d4)
Save As: T2
Morale: 8
Treasure Type: C
Intelligence: 6
Alignment: Chaotic
XP Value: 35

Reptiloids are a species of semi-intelligent jumping lizards. They live their entire existence in small communal groups underground, usually in large cave systems, but they can also be found in adjoining dungeons as well. They are excellent swimmers, and have an incredible jumping ability. The reptiloid may leap attack anyone between 5'-20' away. Anyone successfully hit by a leap attack must make a saving throw vs wands or be knocked prone with the reptiloid pinning them to the ground. In addition, the victim will suffer 2d6 damage (half if the save is made).

Image Source: Turbosquid

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