Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Starter Traveller - Strange New Worlds III

Parsecs 0301-0310

Sector 0301 - Empty

Sector 0302 - Quemar - E100233-8
This barren rock sports a scout base and a small research station focused on the odd chemistry of the local gas giant, which for some reason is constantly glowing with a globe wide aurora.  Harvesting fuel from this gas giant takes double the usual time due to the scarcity of the proper chemicals.

Sector 0303 - Empty

Sector 0304 - Deniz - D41044-4
Deniz is a dry rock in a tidally locked orbit just a little too close to it's star.  The people living on the surface inhabit the twilight band collecting solar energy from the light side, and trying to scratch a living growing a variety of foods in subsurface caverns.  The starport sits in it's own orbit between the inner rocky world and the further out gas giant.  Aside from servicing passing ships, it's also used to collect ice comets and send them in controlled descents onto Deniz's surface.

Sector 0305 - Aranliq - C898486-8
Shrouded in thick clouds, Aranliq is a former industrial world who's population recently was halved by a plague.  The Civil Bureaucracy has handled the recent demographic shift capably, but an end of the world cult has sprung up and is causing problems.  The Starport and planet have all only just ended their quarantine.  The system is still listed as an Amber Zone.  The gas giant is still available for refueling for those nervous about the plague. 

Sector 0306 - Empty

Sector 0307 - Empty

Sector 0308 - Empty

Sector 0309 - Gradina - B767552-B
Gradina is one of the bread baskets of the local area.  The world is ruled by the Poor Richards Council, venerable farmers who are very concerned with land use but not much else.  The people work hard, but enjoy some of the best quality of life of anywhere in the subsector.  The starport requires imported fuel due to the lack of a local gas giant, and the Council's unwillingness to allow the harvesting of the worlds oceans for fuel.  

Sector 0310 - Zhivak - C324797-7
The thin poisonous atmosphere of Zhivak swirls at high speeds, blowing sand and water vapor which tends to wear away at anything left out on the surface.  The 30 million inhabitants live entirely in subterranean metropolises which 50 years ago were ruled by rival gangs.  The gang leaders eventually came together, realizing that things would go better for all of them if they worked together.  They instituted a byzantine bureaucracy that doesn't really relate to the people, but brings in great profits for the government in "fees". 


  1. Loving all of these, as ever. Are you planning to create a subsector map of them showing X-Boat and Trade routes?

  2. I am! I haven't started working on it yet, but soon after I post the last of the subsector description the map should follow.