Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Starter Traveller – Character Creation Bonus Characters

Because rolling up characters is such fun, here’s another two characters. 

Rudy DeBumpkin was born and raised on a backwater low grav planet, and while his family was certainly more upper class than many of his neighbors, that just meant that he used soap when he stood in the rain.  Aside from that, he was a rather pathetic specimen rating in at 646539.  Physically and mentally weak, with no education to speak of, he knew he wanted better.  At 18 he decided that the Army was his way off Bumblephuk A, so he did everything he could to pass then entrance exam.  Amazing everyone he not only passed, but was given a commission.  In basic training he worked harder than anyone else and managed to bulk up a little (+1 dex & +1 endurance, Rifle 1, SMG 1).  His first posting was to the motor pool, where he quickly earned the respect of those under him who thought he’d be easy pickings (Promotion, Mechanical 1 & Brawling 1).  Since the Army was the best thing to ever happen to Rudy he decided to reenlist, and was taken back with open arms (10/7).  His second tour sent him again to work as a mechanic, but a tragic accident with a faulty lift ended his career, and his life. (6/7 survival roll)

Mancrel “McDuff” Duffin was smart but lazy.  He thought the merchant fleet would be a cake walk, and getting in and commissioned was.  However they put him to work on mining rig located on a high gravity low atmosphere rock as a medic for his first tour.  (+1 Strength, Vac Suit 1, Medical 1).  While the work was hard, he did find it rewarding, and so reenlisted (10/4).  His second tour was on the same rock, but he cross trained as a vehicle operator (tracked).  Unfortunately his laziness became more apparent to his commanding officers, and he was not invited back for a third term.  He did manage to muster out with C10,000, a low passage, and some courses at the correspondence school (+1 edu). 

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  1. Lol! Don't you just love promising characters who die in Traveller chargen? It makes the survivors just that little bit more special.

    Keep them coming!

  2. Rudy was definitely an underdog, but that had me rooting for the guy more than any other... and then I rolled that 6.