Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Starter Traveller - Strange New Worlds

Following up on yesterdays post, here are parsecs 0102-0110.

Sector 0102 – Shijie – C400688 – 6 – Non Agricultural, Non Industrial, Vacuum
Yet another barren rock, this one a little smaller than Mars.  Most of the 3 million inhabitants live below the surface in dungeon-like cities, and work at extracting the mineral wealth from the rock.  A few locals work in the Scout Base perched near the top of the highest peak of the globe.  Much of the rest of the surface of the world is covered with the rubble and slag of the mining operations. 

The people are hard working, but lacking in many of the common conveniences of the Imperium.  The mining is done with large inefficient machines or by hand.  Entertainment is provided by primitive black and white televisions and wired audio broadcasts.  It resembles most closely 1940’s urban England.

An old starport is serviced by a small fleet of antique fuel collectors that swarm over the local gas giant. 

Sector 0103 – empty

Sector 0104 – Dumiya – C575016 – 5 – Uninhabited
The Starport of the Dumiya system is actually located in orbit of the local gas giant, as there isn’t anything worth being had on the rock that is Dumiya itself.  It’s an unremarkable sphere a little larger than Mars, with a thin poisonous atmosphere, and ice caps that cover about half the world.  No one lives there.  The only population and government are found on the Starport, which is privately owned.  Most of the workers of the Starport live at 1920’s level of technology. 

Sector 0105 – Ensel – A896324 – 13
An earth sized world with a thick poisonous atmosphere, oceans that cover 60% of the surface, and exotic vegetation.  Animal life never developed on this greenhouse world, but some of the plants have some unusually animal like features.  The 3,000 inhabitants live primarily on the North Eastern island continent, and spend their time studying the local flora.  When a decision needs to be made it’s done by consensus.  Being a scientific research station they are equipped with top of the line technology.  The class A Starport serves as an orbital platform for the research team, as well as being a refueling and repair station.

Sector 0106 – Rojudeu III – C100636 - 8 – Non-Agricultural
Barely big enough to be spherical, this cold rock sits well outside the habitable zone.  It does contain a large concentration of crystals useful for building computers.    As such there is a large mining and refining industry which employs most of the 1.5 million inhabitants.  The rulers of this world live sequestered on its southern pole, and rarely communicate with their people.  Neon is the predominant shade of fashion.  The gas giant of the system is less giant than average and is a shockingly violet color, but still provides the necessary fuel for the Starport and those that are passing through.

Sector 0107 – Sokocuka Delta – D984324 – 7
This almost earthlike world suffers from one big problem.  The atmosphere is thick and it stinks.  It isn’t poisonous, but it isn’t pleasant either.  This is due to a slightly elevated level of sulfur in the air.  It does grow the best tomatoes on this side of the galactic rim however.  The 9 thousand inhabitants are the descendants of the original Neo-Hippy colonists, and they live much as their forefathers did.  The starport in orbit is cobbled together from the hulls of 2 of the original colony arks.  It’s never been upgraded, and is barely staffed.

Sector 0108 – Quartus – A985989 – A
A cultural metropolis, Quartus has a top of the line Starport and shipbuilding facility.  The billions who live on its surface enjoy a thick atmosphere which helps protect them from the bright white sub-giant star at the center of the system.  It is one of the few planets that is truly self sustaining, though it does not produce enough to be an exporter of food or finished products to be of note.  The civil service keeps things running very efficiently, in spite of the ever growing population.  The system has gas giants, an inner hot Jupiter, and a much further out ringed green one. 

0109 – Empty

0110 - Empty

There you have it, the first column of the subsector, and an interesting mix of worlds to explore!