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Starter Traveller - Strange New Worlds IV

Sector 0401 - Davidia Prime - A6619A9-A
Davidia Prime is a busy point in the subsector, hosting a rather dry but comfortable habitat, a large lawful population which is overseen by an immensely popular governor, and hosts a Navy Base, a Scout Base, and a set of twin gas giants.  The system is patrolled by numerous craft, and while the world neither qualifies for Ag World or Industrial World status, it is very successful.

Sector 0402 - Empty

Sector 0403 - Eurtade - C923212-7
The Corporate world of Eurtade was originally host to a large industrial complex, the ruins of which still cover much of the surface.  After the planets natural resources were tapped out, leaving a stripped and poisoned atmosphere and ocean, most of the worlds employee-citizens were reassigned to other job sites, leaving only a small skeleton crew.  Today, the few remaining descendants of those workers live on, keeping the life support of a small complex on the southern continent running.  The former processing station has been shifted from orbit around to the orbit of the local gas giant for ease of harvesting fuel.  The remainder of the planet is host to whoever chooses to land there and stake a claim.

Sector 0404 - Alicia IV - B663851-7
A cool mountainous world, much of the water is trapped in snow and ice, and hardy evergreen forests cover much of the surface.  There is a significant tourist trade (it might even be considered a vacation world), and many of the worlds inhabitants are involved in servicing these visitors.  A Navy Base orbits the world, maintaining security in space, but the surface is a wild frontier.  The titular rulers are those who can maintain the equipment used by the visitors, technology the rest of the population is not so lucky to have access to.  The local gas giant is a hot Jupiter class which has a year of 4.5 standard days.  Specialized ships designed to withstand the brutal heat and winds of this giant are necessary to collect fuel which is sold at the starport.

Sector 0405 - Empty

Sector 0406 - Gibsonia - A440577-C
A poor, non-industrial, desert of a world is ruled by a variety of regional gangs and governments (which is which is often hard to tell).  A Navy Base and Gas Giant orbit on a rather askew track, which tends to send comets careening around the system with more than usual frequency.   The system is listed as an Amber Zone due to the navigational hazards and the planet's chaotic situation.

Sector 0407 - Greece - X354424-1
This system is listed as a Red Zone due to it's protected status.  The world is inhabited by a genetically modified strain of human that is capable of dealing with the low gravity and ammonia tainted atmosphere.  They live in small democratic city states with a level of technology reminiscent of Ancient Greece from Terra's early history.  A series of satellites monitor the world's development.

Sector 0408 - Groton Station - A120133-E
A small orb, barely bigger than an asteroid, hosts a Navy Station and the few civilian workers.  The civies are managed by the private company the Navy contracted to run some of the entertainment establishments for the sailors.  The local gas giant has alternating bands of violet and yellow.

Sector 0409 - Eckaitont - E677754-6
This beautiful world has a high concentration of iron in it's upper crust, lending to a very red-orange dominated planet.  The Technocrats rules the world, keeping one of the most successful terraforming projects running.  In the next 200 years the atmosphere should be completely purged of the tainted chemicals used to help sow life.  The scout base is located on the south pole, and the local gas giant is a dull brown orb.

Sector 0410 - Empty

**Edited to fill in a couple of missing planet names**

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