Thursday, December 16, 2010

Mobius Dungeon Actual Play!

I have been biting my tongue for a month now watching as Patrick from Bugbears for Breakfast ran his Pathfinder group through my Mobius Dungeon!  It took them 3 sessions to get in and then get out, and it seemed like they only explored about half of it, so should they return, they’ve at least got the key to escape.  Or do they… the dungeon warps space and time, so who knows what’ll happen if they return.

I can’t tell you just how thrilled I am that someone ran my adventure, and wrote about it!  I don’t really expect that anyone else will find much value to the stuff I’ve created.  I do it for me, and I enjoy it purely for that.  Having someone actually use something I wrote? 

Pure Awesome.

If you aren’t already reading Bugbears for Breakfast you should, and if you’re interested in reading how Patrick ran my dungeon, here are the links to those entries.


  1. Some observations about the Moebius Dungeon:
    1. It needs to be run for long sessions, rather than a series of short ones, especially in an otherwise sandbox game modeled on West Reaches.
    2. The DM needs to add material to personalize it, something I failed to do (except for the statue room, where I printed illustrations of 4D objects as to show the players). The large number of empty rooms did not sit well with my players, which is my fault, not the dungeon's.
    3. I liked the wrap-around effects and what it did to the players mapping efforts. It took 4 sheets of paper before they realized what was going on.
    [More later]

  2. 4. The Jack storyline did not work out as smoothly as expected. I had them run across mid-Jack in room 11 as suggested, which led to a lot of awkward conversation about the past. I'd recommend that he show when the PCs are in a fight and have him aid the PCs, going on about how much better he is than them as they abandoned him etc.
    5. The troll room can barely hold all eight of them, making them susceptible to fireballs and other area attacks. So some of the rooms should be larger to accommodate the large creatures. Same with the ogres.
    6. This is good for PCs below 6th level or so. My PCs were 7th and 8th levels, so they were a bit overpowering (plus I screwed up at one point and let the cleric cast fireball way too often).
    7. The adventure was perfect for the location I used it in, which is why I used it. It makes a good example of a weird wizard home. Plus I have further plans for the Library of Blank Books. Heh, heh.