Monday, December 27, 2010

Starter Traveller - Strange New Worlds II

Sector 0201 - Orzavay - C6A2233 - 9
The world of is notable in part because of the naturally occurring nitrous oxide.  This mostly dry world is inhabited by a few hundred hardy souls and is ruled over by the Desalinators.  Most of the citizenry works at ranching giant flightless fowl and farming, and all live along the edge of the worlds only "ocean" a large salt lake.  The starport is located atop a space elevator that is anchored to the center of the ocean.  The trip up or down the elevator takes 3 days.  This is the only planet of the system.

Sector 0202 - Didiquila - D511A55 - 6
A trace of atmosphere rolls off of the frozen poles.  80 billion people cling to life on the surface in towering ugly habitats.  Chairman Bob has been ruling the world for the last 120 years (and looks as young and handsome as the day he took office).  Crime is all but unheard of, but the people live dull gray lives.  The starport is an ancient orbital platform with a corresponding landing sight.  Both are maintained by a bare minimum of staff that don't really know what they're doing.  An independent scout base is located on the planet's asteroid moon.

Sector 0203 - Verrio - B432253 - A
There is barely any air on this hot planet, and all the water is trapped in subterranean pools.  The few inhabitants keep these well stocked with a wide variety of exotic fish.  The biologists in charge of the pools are in charge of the colony.  In spite of the inhospitable environment, the small population lives in relative luxury.

Sector 0204 - Erabis - E361787 - 9
The largest moon orbiting the gas giant Erabis is a dry world bathed in the radiation of the larger planet.  In spite of this, the large population thrives.  Unfortunately most electronic technology doesn't last long in the extreme radiation, so mechanical devices powered by that radiation are most common.  Of these, the Imperial Civil Service atmosphere generators are clearly the most important.  Since Erabis is such a welcoming environment they don't get a lot of visitors.  The "starport" is nothing more than a high flat plateau. 

Sector 0205 - Empty

Sector 0206 -Tebea- X233400 - 7
This small icy ball floats alone around a dark nearly dead star.  The 27 thousand inhabitants all live in small habitats containing no more than 30 people each where they mine what they can from below the surface.  There is no law.  Piracy and claim jumping are common. 

Sector 0207 - Pal Rathra - A13086A - F
A gleaming starport orbits this small rock with wispy clouds.  Geodesic domes dot the surface, connected by silvery tunnels.  A small fleet of system ships from the starport keep their guns trained on the domes.  They're waiting for the colony to turn over some highly valuable biotechnology found in a dig site of an ancient civilization.  Currently the system is listed as a Red Zone. 

Sector 0208 - New Indonesia - B4878AC - 6
The tropical world of New Indonesia is ruled with an iron fist by a revolutionary young warlord who has taken control of the planet.  This is an Amber Zone, as the new ruler and his military allow no disobedience with their new laws.  Access to the planet is strictly prohibited, even by space radio, and attempts to skim fuel from the local gas giant are met with extreme displeasure and usually laser fire.

Sector 0209 - Berdion - B300130 - C
A scorched rock blasted by its star's near constant solar flares is tidally locked.  The starport sits in the shadow of the planet, and serves the few remaining researchers below.  The planet's core reacts oddly to the flares, creating odd space time distortions. The lead scientists haven't promoted anyone into their ranks in years, and are generally disinterested (at best) with visitors.  A ringed gas giant with an extensive moon system gleams and glistens with every flare, making it one of the most beautiful sights in the subsector.

Sector 0210 - Gerdi - C87988A - 5
This garden world is one of the most hospitable spots in the local area, though the people do seem to live in relative poverty.  Any traveller arriving in system should be aware that the law is strictly enforced.  The air is thick and slightly toxic, yet paradoxically sweet smelling.  In spite of the planet's rich resources and industry the people live safe but rather drab lives.

This ended up being a very full column, with a lack of gas giants and a bunch of dictatorial regimes.  

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