Friday, December 31, 2010

Arrow of Time

The battle was not going well.  Rathgar was down, Allainora was backed into a corner, and Feris was on his knees while the serpent man held a wicked looking sword above his head, ready to remove Feris'.  Nimble was above it all.  Literally, as he stood upon a balcony looking down upon the battle.  He'd scouted ahead, finding nothing but an empty room with an lone arrow sitting in the middle of the room.  It was an odd arrow, with butterfly wing fletching but as Nimble was out of arrows, he took it.  Now, as he looked down upon the scene, he notched the arrow, and aimed it straight for the serpent man about to decapitate his friend.  The arrow shot from his bow... and froze about halfway to its target.  "Nooo!" Nimble screamed.

No one heard it however, as everyone but Nimble seemed frozen.  Blinking in surprise a few times, he sprinted down the balcony stairs, drawing his short sword as he ran.  As he passed Allianora he sliced the unarmored back of the snakeman's leg that had her pinned into the corner.  He then charged toward the snakeman threatening Feris, and shoved his blade hilt deep into its chest.  At the same Moment everyone unfroze Nimble felt a sharp stabbing pain in his back.

The Arrow of Time is a single use item that when fired will pause time for 2d4 rounds, allowing the launcher of the arrow to take any actions in that time that he is capable of.  Any attacks made will cause maximum damage automatically.