Thursday, December 30, 2010

Starter Traveller - Strange New Worlds V

Sectors 0501-0510

Sector 0501 - Aitheyi - C98569D-8
An agricultural bread basket, Aitheyi provides food for many of the local systems that are less than self-sustaining.  Unfortunately the bureaucracy keeps things so tightly in check that the people are chafing under the repression and ready to burst.  The local scout base resides in the dirtside starport.  The local gas giant supports an extensive ring and moon system. 

Sector 0502 – Empty

Sector 0503 - Sewea - C636566-5
The oceans of Sewea constantly bubble, which keeps the planets atmosphere refreshed in spite of the local gas giant’s attempts to strip it.  Unknown to the general population, the government is currently being controlled by a wild telepath.  Fuel is provided by a pair of Neptune sized gas giants. 

Sector 0504 - Knaleff - E8997BF-3
Once ruled by the charismatic father of the current leader, this is a world fallen into ruin.  Pollution has ruined the atmosphere and the expansive oceans, causing rising temperatures that have melted the ice caps, flooded and destroyed much of the world’s agriculture.   Lacking a gas giant there is little reason for Travellers to stop here. 

Sector 0505 – Empty

Sector 0506 - Saecketo - C889402-9
Most of this world is covered in tropical oceans flourishing with a wide variety of unique life forms.  Most of the 35 thousand inhabitants live fairly primitively on the scattered islands, harvesting what they need from the worlds oceans.  Access to technology is available, and there is one city on the worlds largest island, but most natives prefer the carefree existence of island living.    The local scout base is located in orbit of the system’s innermost gas giant (of 3), and is currently studying the effects of the naturally occurring very mild relaxant in Saecketo’s atmosphere. 

Sector 0507 – Empty

Sector 0508 - Tau Erython - A130326-G
**Warning – Red Zone!!  Unauthorized access will be met with extreme prejudice!**
Tau Erython is a small rock in an uninteresting system.  The official story is that this system is used for weapons research & development by the Navy.  The truth is that a planetary fragment from an alien precursor civilization was found orbiting the local gas giant.  It was discovered by the Scout service, which is why they also have a base in system.    

Sector 0509 – Empty

Sector 0510 – Empty

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