Friday, December 17, 2010

Starter Traveller – Character Creation Bonus Character 2

Yet another bonus character!

There are times being the son of a major player in local interstellar politics can be a boon, for instance when you’re Harold Von Konan (95636C).  Strong as an ox, dumb as a box of rocks, he managed to enlist into the Marines, and survived basic training (+1 Endurance, Cutlass 1).  Thinking he was hot stuff, he tried for a commission, and failed miserably (2/9).  He was assigned to dirtside convoy duty where he learned to drive big rigs (Vehicle 1).  His one notable accomplishment while serving his first tour was saving the life of a VIP by shielding him from an IED.  After his first tour he tried to reup, but due to his inability to remember basic instructions was sent on his way.  He didn’t leave the service empty handed however, as the VIP he saved gifted him with membership in the Travellers Aid Society. 

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  1. Good to see you enjoying Traveller chargen. It really does get the creative jiuces flowing, doesn't it?