Friday, December 24, 2010

Belt of the Winter Wonderland

"We were not down in the dungeon that long!" Rathgar yelled over the howling wind and swirling snow.  The group huddled just inside the entrance of the dungeon looking out into the near white-out conditions.

"We must have passed through a gate of some sort.  This isn't anywhere near where the entrance we used" Feris yelled.

"What are we going to do?" Asked Nimble  "We can't go out in to that!"

"And we can't really go back into the dungeon right now" Allianora said "we're almost out of torches, rations, and spells."

"I think I've got something that can help" Rathgar set his backpack and shield down and began to dig down into the bottom of the bag.   After a moment he pulled out a large round belt buckle attached to a brown belt. Swapping out his usual belt for this new one, he then packed away his old belt, and reequipped his backpack and shield. He then stepped out into the snow. "Sleigh-bells ring! Are you listening!" He yelled out into the snow.

The wind seemed to pause for a moment, and the swirling snow began to settle. Off in the distance a form began to take shape. 4 Reindeer pulling a large sleigh were speeding toward Rathgar.

The Belt of the Winter Wonderland is an item with limited utility, but it is invaluable in some situations.  It appears to be a copper and brass round belt buckle adorned with a red gem with a pair of stylized reindeer antlers.  To use the belt, it must be worn, and the local ground must be covered in snow.  When these conditions are met, and the activation phrase spoken, the belt summons a sleigh pulled by 4 reindeer.  If used by a wizard or cleric of name level it will summon a sleigh pulled by 8 flying reindeer.  The sleigh will come equipped with enough warm blankets, hot chocolate, mulled wine, and Turkish Delight for up to 6 passengers, and will remain available for use for 24 hours.

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