Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Witch Charms - Personal

Charms are minor magical items akin to potions and scrolls.  They are single use items, usually intended for individual use, though some are designed as wards for areas.  Charms can appear in a wide variety of forms, though they are most commonly found as necklaces, bracelets, medallions, and dolls, but nearly any small form can be used.  Often these charms are crafted in rough or primitive materials that fall apart when the magic is expended.  Rarely they are crafted of fine materials and are enduring works of artistry even after the magic has been used.

The most common use of a charm is as a protective device, usually providing a bonus to saving throws.  The most minor of these charms will provide a bonus to a single type of saving throw (i.e. only dragons breath, or only rod/staff/wand) and only a single time.  Others may cover a variety of saves or all of them for variable amounts of time/uses.

Roll    Bonus amount
1        +1 bonus 1 use
2        +1 bonus 3 uses
3        +1 bonus 5 uses
4        +1 bonus 24 hours
5        +2 bonus 1 use
6        +2 bonus 3 uses

       Bonus type
1    1 saving throw
2    3 saving throws
3    5 saving throws
4    To hit
5    To wound
6    To hit and wound

      Save Type
1    Death Ray/Poison
2    Magic Wands
3    Paralysis/Turn to Stone
4    Dragon Breath
5    Rod/Staff/Wand
6    Reroll twice +1 save


  1. These last couple posts were just what I've been looking for to flesh out a small part of my world. I like the "Witch of the Deep" as a potential source of...well, anything the DM wants - but also as a source of mystery (the aspects are a nice touch). I'm going to put her in the deep woods (a primeval forest region not too far from the border town the PCs are going start in).

    I like the randomness associated with the charms, too. I've been wanting to add charms to my game, but I've been too lazy to put it together. Procrastination wins the day, I guess :) Thanks for putting this stuff out there.

  2. I'm glad you liked it! I was a little worried that I scared people away with the wall of text and tables. Let me know how she works out for you, and check back on Thursday for some more related content!

  3. I personally don't dig D&D, but I liked this small article. Clear short enough but concice text, nice pictures to flesh it out and simpe rules to use.

    I dig this.

    If it was pdf, I'd download it and print into my treasure chest of rpg stuffz.

  4. @Thaumiel - Check back tomorrow for the PDF!

  5. I've been meaning to write up something like this for my own game - thanks! Nice and simple, just how I like it. I don't sell magic to PCs, but these wouldn't bother me and I can see them adding a little flavor too.

  6. Super secret bonus for commentators - the PDF is available for download on the right under Downloads.