Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Megadungeon Level 1 - Lessons Learned

So now you've seen it, hopefully had a chance to really look it over.  A few of you have even given some feedback. (Thank you!)  I'm already well on my way to getting the second level done, and I'm running into some themes.

Gems and even jewelry seem to be way more common than I expected them to be.  This leads me to think that somewhere deep down in the dungeon there is a mine, or maybe even multiple mines where all these gems are coming from.

Magic seems to be pretty rare, at least in forms that are generally usable to an adventurer.  I'm averaging 1 magic treasure per map (a few have multiple items).  On the other hand, the magic that they find will be pretty powerful (the +3 warhammer that you've already seen for example).  One thing that I'm considering along those lines is that there are several spell casters and chieftains in the second level who may have their own items.  At the very least the arcane spell casters will have spell books, though rarely will a monster's spell book look like a human or elven spell book.

In response to some of the comments:

The first level ended up being a single page... I'm not sure why.  As I was drawing it, it just seemed to wrap itself up that way.  The second level, by comparison, is currently at 5 pages.  I'm counting the area past the giant rift as a lower level... Anyway, since the first level ended up being only a single page I kinda figure it'll be a bit of a bottleneck, keeping the baddies down below.  Plus it seems like it's just enough to get the players ready for the larger 2nd level.

Secret doors... yeah, adding more of them would probably be a good idea, otherwise they'll give up looking for them.

The friendly/neutral NPCs in this level are going to be the kobolds.  They're under assault from the ghouls and the wererats for control of the level, and happy for any assistance.  In looking things over I realize I didn't make that at all clear.  I'll have to revise this to make it more clear.  I do have some ideas for NPCs on the second level... but that's for later.

Large rooms.  I have never been particularly attached to large rooms, in part because I never know what to put in them.  I'll think about it though.  What do you put in your big rooms?

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  1. i like the progression so far. And the hook with the mines is nice too.

    For big rooms, I usually place an alter (trapped or not). Or sometimes a weapons training room with targets on the walls, broken swords, armour bits, etc. Some pillars.

    Makes for a nice place to ambush or be ambushed.