Monday, July 12, 2010

Megadungeon Wandering Monsters

I used the Rules Cyclopedia charts as a base, and shuffled around some things.  I disliked the random human entry that took up so much space, and figure that NPC Party pretty much covers that.  I plan on making a separate chart for that result, which will include a possibility of a lone person.

When I stock the dungeon these will be the monsters I plan on using, though I'll use the number of creatures as indicated by the lair entry.  I think that I'm going to restrict each level to a single NPC party, so if I roll more than one of them for a given level, I'll use that roll to do something weird that isn't on the chart.

I was thinking also, that rather than roll for each room specifically, I will roll up a bunch of room encounters, and then fit them into the dungeon in slightly less random order.  So I can group a couple of orc rooms together to make a clan.  Anyway, that's the idea.      

Level 1   
1    Bandit    1d6
2    Beetle, Fire    1d6
3    Centipede, Giant    1d6
4    Centipede, Giant    1d6
5    Darkmantle    1
6    Ghoul    1
7    Goblin    1d6
8    Green Slime    1
9    Gremlin    1d8
10    Kobold    2d6
11    Kobold    2d6
12    Lemure (devil)    1
13    NPC Party    1
14    Rats, Giant    1d3
15    Skeleton    1d10
16    Spider, Crab    1d2
17    Stirge    1d8
18    Wererat    1d2
19    Zombie    1d3
20    Zombie    1d3

Level 2   
1    Beetle, Oil    1d6
2    Carrion Crawler    1
3    Centipede, Giant    1d6
4    Ghoul    1d4
5    Goblin    2d4
6    Gray Ooze    1
7    Green Slime    1
8    Hobgoblin & 1d10 Goblins    1
9    Hobgoblin    1d6
10    Kobold    2d6
11    Lemure    1d3
12    NPC Party    1
13    Orc    1d10
14    Orc    1d10
15    Rat, Giant    1d6
16    Shadow    1
17    Spider, Black Widow    1
18    Wererat    1d4
19    Zombie    1d6
20    Zombie    1d6

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