Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Magical Skulls - Frostbite

"Frostbite once ruled these lands with an icy talon.  It was me and my men that brought you freedom from that wyrm not twenty winters ago!" The clan-chief bellowed slamming his drinking horn onto the rough table.   Spittle collected in his beard as he raged at the pair before him.  

Wrapped in furs Freydora stood calmly at the chiefs rage.  "And we've honored you for that service for the last two decades." The raven-haired female said softly.  "Now it is time for you to move on."

"You impudent little..." The chief grabbed his double bladed axe from the wall. "I'll teach you a lesson in respect!"

Freydora stepped back, tossing the furs off, revealing a dragonskull strapped to her back.  She tugged the thin ropes holding it on, and it swung down to her side.  She scooped it up, holding it by it's eyesocket out toward the chief.  "Leave this place, and do not return."

He laughed, and raised the axe, and was slammed back against the wall by by an icy blast. 

Frostbite is an enchanted white dragon skull and jawbone.  The skull can be used to cast Icy Blast (as lightnight bolt cast by a 7th level caster) once per day.  The jawbone can be removed from the skull and used as a pair of dagger +1/+3 vs cold/arctic creatures. 

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