Sunday, July 18, 2010

Megadungeon thoughts?

On Friday I posted the... well, probably not final draft, but a working draft of the first section of my megadungeon. 

CLick here to go to the post.

Anyone have any thoughts? 



  1. You have a couple of good trick areas.

    Building your level around the needs of your party is always a good idea. Although it's not as sprawling as some, if you are not going to be running multiple parties or generations of parties through it, a single page will suffice to get them to where they can handle deeper stuff.

    My main addition would be a number of special areas that add to the "exploration" goal of dungeon delving. It doesn't take a lot of preparation assuming you can wing the details in play, to say "These 4 rooms were a kitchen complex" or "This is where the dead were laid to rest." Then you can add in details and red herrings as you like and fudge placements so appropriate things go in appropriate places.

  2. And duh, I neglected to read the 2nd page. Plenty of exploration detail there, so good job!

  3. Looks good! If you want some constructive criticism, I'd offer the following suggestions -

    1. More secret doors, they don't necessarily have to go anywhere important, but seem to help players stay in the exploratory frame of mind.
    2. A least one "friendly" and one "neutral" monster/npc.
    3. Maybe a matter of taste, but I like to have at least one large-scale room per level (500 square feet plus) to impress with.

    That's all I can think of, looks like it'd be a treat to explore!