Saturday, July 24, 2010

Floating ball

The noise throbbed... it really wasn't a noise, more of a sensation that Allianora felt through her entire body.  Judging by the looks on new friends faces, they felt it too.   

"What is it?" She asked.

"I don't know..." Feris answered.  The sphere flowed over itself as it floated above the stepped platform in the otherwise empty room.

"Maybe we should go check out that other thing..." Rathgar said

"What other thing" Feris asked.

"You know... down the hall, away from this thing."

"Oh, right, that thing" Nimble chimed in.  "I agree, lets go look at that other thing" he continued, backing out the door. 


The swirling ball is a magically suspended ball of protomatter.  A left over from previous experiments that the forgotten mage placed here both to save it for future use, and also because it made for a beautiful work of art.  The protomatter itself is harmless, and would serve as a fantastic fertilizer or nutritious food substitute.  It could also be used in a variety of magical experiments.  The stepped platform is magical, and will suspend anything placed upon it 1-2 feet above its surface.  Only one object can occupy the platform at a time.   


  1. AWESOME! Thanks for sharing! Did you make this image? Gotta find a place to put it in my megadungeon! :)

  2. Amazing piece! could-we learn more about it?