Sunday, September 15, 2013

30 Day Challenge: Day 15 Undead Monster - Variant Vampires

Today, I'm supposed to write about my favorite undead monster, but I've already said that I was going to share a new monster. Well, that isn't entirely true. I will in fact share my favorite undead monster, and I've got to go with the classic Vampire.

I've already written up several vampire variants:
Baby Vampires
Lesser Vampires (they may or may not sparkle)

So rather than writing up a new type of vampire, I'm going to give you a random chart to roll up the vampire's abilities and weaknesses, and not only to keep your players on their toes! Vampires throughout time have been described in a wide variety of ways. Even today across fiction they are described in numerous way with a dizzying array of powers and weaknesses.

Roll 1d4 times on this chart
Repelled/Distracted by:
  1. Garlic
  2. Mirrors
  3. Sunlight
  4. Rose water
  5. Holy symbols
  6. Hawthorn
  7. Mustard seed
  8. Wild rose
  9. Knotted string
  10. Scattered seeds/beads/etc. (OCD)
  11. Fire
  12. Silver
Roll 1d3 times on this chart
Vulnerable to:
  1. Wooden weapons
  2. Holy water
  3. Sunlight
  4. Running Water
  5. Decapitation
  6. Magical Weapons
  7. Silver Weapons
  8. Fire
Roll 1d3 times on this chart +1 per 2HD
  1. Level Drain
  2. Ability Drain
  3. Transform into Wolf
  4. Transform into Bat
  5. Transform into Bird (Raptor or Crow)
  6. Transform into Rat (giant or regular)
  7. Spider Climb
  8. Fly
  9. Charm Gaze
  10. Inhuman Strength (+3 to all damage rolls)
  11. Bite Attack
  12. Leaping Attack
  13. Arcane Spellcaster
  14. Divine (demonic) Spellcaster
  15. Summon Bats
  16. Summon Rats
  17. Summon Wolves
  18. Mist Form
  19. Grave Master (1d6+1 Ghouls under vampire’s command)
  20. Fast (always wins initiative)
Roll 1d4 times on this chart
  1. Sparkle in Sunlight
  2. Ghastly Appearance
  3. Suave Appearance
  4. Greenish White Fur
  5. Obvious Fangs
  6. Retractable Fangs
  7. Sharks Teeth
  8. No Shadow
  9. No Reflection
  10. Demonic Visage (when angry or feeding)
  11. Natural claws
  12. Animals recoil
  13. Plants wither
  14. Extra joint in fingers
  15. Albino
  16. Childlike Appearance (small size)
  17. Ancient Appearance
  18. Smells of Death
  19. Skin is always cold
  20. DM’s Choice - based on powers

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