Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Charm City Gameday Part 1

On Saturday I went to Games and Things to participate in the Charm City Gameday.

First thing, is that Games and Things recently moved to a new location, and this was my first time visiting it. I have to say I like this location a lot better!!

In addition to the Gameday, there was also a Magic tournament, as well as a few miniature games going on at the far side of the gaming area.

My first game was under the Rules Light RPG system, and the scenario was called "I Owe My Cortical Stack to the Company Store" run by Sean. It was described this way: In a universe destroyed, but also sustained, by space travel, you are all “employees” of the space mining corp Exo-ds. You are not necessarily mercenaries, but you certainly do have your price. You rely on the mining corporations, having lost your body to the lethal space jumps, only your mind remains, uploaded to the corporate database, waiting to be downloaded to a new body for your next mission.

I played Dr. Chester, an xenoarchiologist with a thing for explosives. The rest was comprised of:
Lisa, played Telma, a computer expert/hacker
Harold, played Kurt Sinto, an in your face melee brute
Katie, played Vin the bounty hunter.

The basic scenario was very much like the movie Alien. We made our way from the cloning/med-bay to the reactor core, fighting past various mutant zombies.

 The med-bay was where we first encountered the zombies, and discovered that the main reactor had been shut down, causing our ship to slowly fall out of orbit... of whatever it was orbiting.

Making our way to the reactor core involved going through a twisting corridor and facing off against a giant tentacle. We managed to fight our way past them all, discovering some sort of strange alien artifact that jabbed Kurt in the hand.

The reactor core was indeed shut down, and was full of more zombies, as well as a giant thing made up of numerous body parts, and not all of them human. We barely managed to reactivate the core, venting some gas to hurt the giant alien thing, and then kill it. Unfortunately, reactivating the core also reactivated the auto-destruct sequence.

From there we made our way to the bridge, where a deranged "scientist" who set this alien menace loose on the ship as a way to raise humanity to the next stage of evolution had himself evolved, and was pissed at our interference. While Kurt and Vin went in to fight him, armored in mining exosuites, I used my characters explosives to blast a hole in the hull to blow him out into space. Unfortunately, it didn't take Kurt and Vin with him, and as Telma and Dr. Chester tried to escape on the captain's shuttle, Kurt used the ships mining gear to shoot down the shuttle. It came down on a spired and tentacled alien landscape as the ship above exploded.

Fun little TPK!

Then it was time for lunch.

Continued in Part 2

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