Tuesday, September 3, 2013

30 Day Challenge: Day 3 - Favorite Class

Wizards. Mages. Magic-Users. Spell-slingers. Warlocks. Conjurers. Evokers. Diviners.

Those who can bend reality to their will, conjure light in the darkness, summon creatures, enchant items and people, lob fireballs and call lightning, and even grant their own wishes... Power beyond mortal reckoning, knowledge of the ancients, words of creation and destruction.

From Ged to Elminster, Raistlin to Belgareth, and all the others beyond, wizards have always fascinated me, and given the chance I'll play a wand wielder over a sword swinger every time. My highest level character from basic days was a 20th level magic-user! His character sheet ended up being transfered to a book! I'll have to share that some day...

Belgarath and Belgarion from David Eddings' series
I think this is also why I tend to DM more often than not. It's the one position at the table that has more power than even a 36th level magic user! I can warp time and space, and even the rules as I see fit.


  1. Well with a blog called "Tower of the Archmage" I was not sure what to expect. ;)

    Yeah I am rather fond of wizards myself.