Wednesday, September 11, 2013

30 Day Challenge: Day 11 - Favorite Adventure

There have only been a few adventures that I've wanted to run over again. I don't know if they count as favorites, but they're ones I enjoy.

The first of these is Nightwatch, in the Living City a Forgotten Realms adventure where starting characters spend the night patrolling the streets of Ravens Bluff. Since it's the Realms, there are a lot of high level encounters, but they're scaled and set up in such a way that 1st level PCs aren't just crushed. I don't have the module anymore, but I ran it for at least 3 different groups and they all enjoyed it.

I've also run the Haunted Halls Eveningstar numerous times, and have had to restock it as I've had players ask to return to it! In retrospect, it's not the best dungeon design, but I always had fun with it.

Lastly, Stonehell, by Michael Curtis. I've had the pleasure of both running it, and playing in it.

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