Saturday, September 21, 2013

30 Day Challenge: Day 21 - Dragons

Dragons... it was always going to come to dragons...

I’ve written a bit about the great beasts before, and as with humanoids there are countless varieties already written up. My favorite is not so much a type or color of dragon, but rather individual dragons.

A red dragon can be scary. Smaug terrifies everyone, and drives dwarves to do crazy things.

Skeletal dragons are kinda creepy. Kaladrax (and Hyrelka) have a story.

The difference is that one has character, while the other doesn’t. Any dragon can and should be a tough fight. But the dragon who has demanded a virgin sacrifice every year for a century, as well as the revenue from a trade route and the heads (and magic items) of any adventurers who pass the area… that’s something much different.

It’s the difference between a dragon sitting on a type H (or even Hx2) treasure, and one sitting on the wealth of an entire dwarven city, complete with the fabled arkenstone!

Is that ‘just’ a green dragon flying overhead? Or is it Viridius, the keeper of the ruins of the fabled elven city of Quessallas? Is the rotting dragon corpse a zombie, or Nethyrmaul the Undying?

Even Flit is a more interesting encounter than a juvenile fire dragon.

My favorite dragon is one with character.

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