Friday, October 29, 2010

Ghoul Caves

They had moved silently into the house on the cliff, quietly slipping open a poorly secured window.  Once inside they smelled her out.  There was no guard, only a servant girl who was silenced forever.  Creeping up the stairs and past the rooms of the males they came to the door of the sleeping woman.  They tested the door, and found it unlocked.  It was painful to enter, with the gourd lamp burning away, and the silver holy symbol resting on her chest, over the blanket. 

Tossing a discarded shirt over the holy symbol one of them ripped it away while another wrapped its claw around her face, muffling her cry before the paralysis kicked in.  They wrapped her in the sheet, and bound her with the curtain pulls just in case, and carried her from the room.  Half way down the stairs they heard the manservant before he spoke out.

“Tara?  Is that you?” He whispered down the stairs toward the dark form before he realized what they were.  Then he screamed, and ran down the hall, away from the stairs.

Two of the five chased after him.  The others ran for the door.  Not caring for stealth, they smashed through the lock and ran along the cliff toward the old well.  They were halfway down when the 3 males came out the door after them. 

I’ve wanted to write something up for this picture for a while now, and I thought that it might link up nicely with the bone pipes I posted back on the 21st.  So I wrote up the bone pipes with the plan to link it to this picture, and then I couldn’t figure out what to write about for this picture, aside from the story.  Is it an adventure hook?  Sort of.  A new monster?  No, same old ghouls.  No magic items, no nothing really.  But where are the ghouls taking their victim?  Now that I can answer!  

Maps not shown to any scale. 

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