Thursday, October 28, 2010

Jack O’ Lantern

“Take this” Marketh offered “and may it light your way.”  In his hand he held a hollowed out turnip with a face carved into it, and the stump of a candle flickering inside it. 

Allianora humbly took the turnip and thanked the wild haired man.  After presenting him with a few silver coins, and the group continued on, deeper into the woods. 

A short bit later, once the gift giver was out of sight Nimble spoke up “Really, a turnip?”  he asked, exasperated. 

“You don’t turn down the offer when someone gives you the gift of light.” 

“For a handful of silver?!?” Nimble pointed out.

“What of it?”  She asked him.  “For a few silver Marketh can treat his family to a small feast this harvest, while we share in the beauty of this lantern.”   

3 days later the candle finally burned itself out after watching over the party for several nights of peaceful slumber in the deep dark woods.  Nimble grumbled about the lost silver anyway. 

A jack o’ lantern is a familiar item of hedge magic.  When properly enchanted, this item will reduce the likelihood of random wilderness encounters.  During the day roll a d12 instead of a d6, and at night roll a d20 instead of a d12.  The jack o’ lantern will continue to burn for 1d6 days.

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