Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Cauldron of Souls

“Witch!  Open your door!  Help us!”

Looking through the barred portal she spied two Children of the Gorgon supporting a third who was bloodied, bruised, and broken.

“Bring him in!  Quickly!”  The Witch waved the Children of the Gorgon into her home. 

“We found Atsu and some others.  He is near death… can you help him?”

The Witch began examining the barely breathing serpent-man.  “Who did this?”  She asked.

“Humans.” One hissed.  “Can you help?” 

“Perhaps.”  She turned to the fireplace, and the large black cauldron that was near boiling.  She tossed a few logs under it, and stoked the fire.  From the mantle she began to add various herbs to the cauldron.  “Tell me, does Sesska know you have come to me?”

“No.  I will pay the price for Atsu’s healing.  There was no time to consult.” 

“Very well, I will do what I can.  Put him into the cauldron.  Quickly now.”

Lifting their companion between them, they carried him across the room and lifted him gently into the cauldron. 

“Good, now sleep.”  The Children of the Gorgon turned to look at the Witch, their eyes widening as they saw her pointing a wand at them before they slumped to the ground.  Atsu, who had been held up by his companions slipped below the surface.  A minute later the Cauldron glowed green briefly before Atsu’s skeleton, now devoid of flesh stood up.  “Put that one in next” the Witch ordered. 

The Cauldron of Souls is a powerful, if unwieldy magical item.  In form it is a large black iron cauldron, with 3 clawed feet, and a highly decorated surface.  When a noxious mixture of magical reagents is brought to a boil and a dying body is immersed in it, the victim’s soul is released and absorbed into the cauldron.  From the boiling mixture the victim’s skeleton rises out under the command of the cauldron’s owner.  The skeleton’s bones are highly polished, and tinted a greenish yellow and it will have maximum hit points.

The Cauldron of Souls has a second power.  When a different combination of magical reagents is added to the first, and the owner immerses themselves into the Cauldron, it provides restorative magics.  For every soul absorbed into the cauldron, the following powers may be used:
Cure Disease
Cure Blindness
Cure Serious Wounds
Neutralize Poison

The use of 2 souls can provide the following powers:

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