Monday, October 25, 2010

15 Games

Who hasn't done this one at this point?

15 most meaningful games

1. HeroQuest - It got me started in fantasy gaming and miniature painting.

2. Rules Cyclopedia D&D - My first RPG

3. Civilizations II - Strategy computer gaming

4. Kings Quest III

5. AD&D 2E - I played this all through high school

6. Magic The Gathering

7. Nobilis - gaming without dice, and I'm a god?!?  Awesome!

8. Vampire LARP

9. Battlefleet Gothic - I can play with fleets of spaceships?  Cool!

10. Warhammer 40K - Blood for the Blood God!

11. Lord of the Rings SBG - such great minis and a fun skirmish rules set.

12. D&D 3.x - Brought me back to RPGs, liked it a lot until the splat book avalanche.

13. Galactic Civ - just like civilizations, but IN SPACE!

14. Alternity - first sci-fi RPG

15. Rules Cyclopedia D&D - Yup, this gets listed twice.  It's that important!

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