Thursday, October 21, 2010

Bone Pipes of the Ghoul Master

The sound of the sea echoed through the caves.  It was angry tonight under the full moon.Accompanying the sea was a dry sound, a tune that was full of longing without hope.  After a time the song ends and a voice slithers through the caves.

"Bring her to me." The voice ordered.  Before the speaker crouched five gaunt figures.  They slathered and licked their lip-less mouthes.  "Alive" he hissed before bringing the pipes back to his dry mouth.  The empty tune rasped forth, and the hungry eyes of the five burned briefly before they turned and launched themselves into the darkness toward the well.

"She will restore me" he said into the darkness.  "She will see what I have become and she will pity me.  She'll have to try to heal me, to restore me.  Then she will love me, and she will be mine.  The music will call to her too, and she will be mine."  Again the hollow tune  played into the darkness of the caves.  

Bone Pipes of the Ghoul Master

Crafted from the bones of a family killed by ghouls, etched with necromatic runes inked with the bile of a rotted corpse, and bound together with the flesh of a child these pipes are clearly enchanted with the foulest magics.  When played, these pipes allow the player to control up to 12HD worth of ghouls, ghasts, and other hungry undead.  Mindless undead are unaffected by the tune of the pipes.  The pipes must be played daily to retain control of the undead.

Playing the pipes causes the players charisma to drop by 1 point per week until it reaches 3 as they take on the visage of a rotting ghoul.  As long as they play the pipes daily they are immune to the touch of ghouls and the level drain of other undead creatures.  The user of the pipes will also find themselves constantly hungry, and preferring the taste of raw meat. 

Charisma may be regained with a potion of restoration that has been blessed by an immortal. 

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