Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Haunted Armor

The suit of armor stood in the corner, covered in dust and cobwebs, just like the rest of the room.  And yet…

The door was spiked shut, and camp was set.  The room was quiet as the group was wrapped up fast asleep in their bedrolls.  Feris found himself asleep one moment, and wide awake the next.  His eyes snapped open to see that weird suit of armor standing over him, the ax held high, ready to split him open.  Feris screamed, and rolled to the left to avoid the blow. 

At that, everyone was up with weapons at hand. 

Feris pulled himself free of the bedroll and readied a spell to blast the armored attacker… who lay still in the corner, just as dust covered as when they’d originally checked the room. 

“The armor.” Feris warned, cold sweat giving him a shiver.

His companions all turned to the corner and stared at the old armor.  Rathgar inched toward it, and tapped the helmet, knocking it to the ground.  It rolled, coming to a stop at Feris’ feet. 
Not all restless spirits are powerful enough to manifest in the physical realm.  Some spirits become tied to a place or item, and those who are in proximity to them can suffer at their ethereal hands. 

Any encounter with the Haunted Armor ruins a rest period.  During their dream assault they can cause actual damage to characters, even to the point of killing them.  Anyone who is attacked by the haunted armor in their dreams may make a saving throw vs Paralysis every round (during their turn) to attempt to wake up.  The haunted armor attacks as a 4th level fighter.  If the haunted armor successfully hits its target they will take 1d6 points of damage.  For every point of damage they suffer, a bonus of +1 is added to the saving throw.  During the dream assault all character powers and abilities are completely ineffective against the Haunted Armor.  Haunted Armor never attacks clerics or paladins, or anyone with any form of protection from ESP, and will specifically target those suffering from curses or cursed items.

In order to destroy a Haunted Armor, the armor hosting it must be destroyed, and remove curse cast upon it.  If the armor is destroyed, but remove curse is not cast upon it, the armor will reform in 1d3 days.  The armor is never seen to move, but it can relocate itself to any location within 1 mile/day.  It will generally attempt to place itself where it will encounter targets. 


  1. Very nice and appropriate to the Halloween season.

    But what happens if someone wears the armor?

  2. I rather imagined that the armor is old, dirty, and in no condition to be used. However, if someone did put on the armor? I'd probably rule that there was a chance the spirit would take over their body.