Thursday, October 14, 2010

Issues (post 1 of 2)

I finally finished catching up on all of your blog posts from the last week.  You all write a lot, you know that?  Don’t get me wrong, I love that there is such a wealth of creativity in our community, but try going away for a week, and see how it all builds up.  There are many things that I read that I want to comment on, but we’ll see how many of them I get to. 

So, Issues.  The biggest issue I’m dealing with right now is time, and my lack of it that I can devote to my blog, and to gaming in general.  My 4e game is stalled, as all 3 group members are in college (including me), and we haven’t been able to find some time that works for all of our schedules.  I started a solo PbP game, but the player who started it got busy and it fizzled out.

(Anyone else interested in a PbP old school Megadungeon game?)

So how am I addressing this issue?  Well, there isn’t too much I can do about the various things I have to do.  I’m not going to quit my job, school, or the various other responsibilities that I’ve taken on.  Sorry, but gaming is actually low on the totem pole.  But with the time I do have, I’ve been playing some Neverwinter Nights, working on a bunch of Halloween props (which help fuel the inspirational fires), taking some vacation time (to recharge the batteries), reading some classics, and posting here. 

It’s been a bit since I pulled out my Megadungeon, but I’ve got some more ideas that I want to add to it, and there’s a bunch of finishing work I need to do on the second level.  I keep needing to remind myself that it doesn’t all have to “make sense” that it is kind of a “funhouse dungeon”, and should become more “funhouse” as it gets deeper.  I have many years of 2nd and 3rd edition baggage that I’m still sometimes burdened with. 

So what is it that keeps me from going out and finding a steady group?  I could, there are certainly gamers in the area.  The issue is that I want to game with peers.  People who are in a similar life stage to mine; gamers who realize that I can’t game until 2am, that don’t want to spend the whole time drinking, that aren’t going to go home for summer break.

You know, adults. 

Are there adult gamers in the area?  Probably.  How to find them?  That I’m not sure, not without spending some time (ha!) and energy trying to find them. I have neither in abundance right now.

Anyway, I’m serious about a PbP game.  Any takers? 

Next post will have some actual game content, I promise!


  1. I'd be up for a PbP. Are you doing it on a dedicated forum like RPOL or Dragonsfoot, or on a private forum?

    And what rule set?

    I could likely post daily MOST of the time (like you, adult life takes its toll on my free time). Definitely interested.

  2. You might consider a live online game. I've been running a game for adults for about three months now, getting ready for our tenth session as we speak. It's been a very reliable group, and we play at a time that works with everyone's schedule. We use MapTool and Skype and we're scattered across the US (plus one brave soul in England) and it's been a lot of fun. Food for thought.

  3. @Lord Gwydion - drop me an e-mail @ davidbrawleyatgmaildotcom!

    @onlinedm - part of the reason I'd rather do PbP is because at this point with school and work and everything else I can find time to do a post, but finding blocks of time is harder.