Monday, November 1, 2010

A time of growing darkness

November has arrived, and for my Monthly Audience Participation Flynn asked “What are your three most favorite game mechanic innovations from 4E, and why? Also, what are your three least favorite game mechanic innovations from 4E, and why?”

As this was the only suggestion, I’ll happily answer it with a post (just not today)

Tomorrow is Election Day, and I’m serving as an election judge.  This is a nice long 15+ hour day, so don’t expect much from me for the next couple of days as I recover from that and from Halloween. There are some fun things to look forward to however!  

Coming soon:
Steampunk minimonsters and magic items
Thing in a well
A Spider
Altered Realities

I hope everyone had a frightful Halloween!

1 comment:

  1. What I like
    -The character design.

    -All the class and race choices.

    -All classes always being useful.

    What I dislike(Hate)
    -Stupidly large amounts of character's and monster's Hit Points.

    -Complicated powers that require the player to know all the rules and do very little damage compared to the Stupidly large amounts of hit points.

    -Because of the two above major flaws really LONG Drawn out combats that has made me decide to quit playing 4th edition.