Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Three Horrible Poisons: Sweet Corruption

Valance, Priest of the Spider God, had a way with venom.  Most priests of the Spider God did, but Valance had a true talent for it.  

On a completely unrelated note, one of Valance's many enemies, a "collector of specialized goods" named Aldtani, suffered from a sweet tooth, and one day a small box of candy arrived at his residence.  The gift was from the local confectioner, and the note attached informed him that this was a chance to taste the confectioners' newest creation.  The box held only 3 pieces of yellowish, sugar coated treats.  He hadn't even sat down before the first piece was in his mouth.  The confectioner was truly a genius, and this was his finest sweet to date.   Then Aldtani's right rear molar crumbled, followed quickly thereafter by the rest of his teeth.  Blood oozed from his gums, and then his nose as his skull began to dissolve.  In a very short time, a boneless quivering mass of flesh expired, and a small spider outside the window was the only witness in attendance.

Sweet Corruption

Failure to save against this toxin will cause the victim's bones to dissolve, leading to agonizing pain as the body crushes itself to death.  During the first 3 rounds the victim will notice minor issues resulting in a penalty of 2 to attacks and armor class.  During the 4-6 rounds they will suffer a penalty of 4 to attacks and armor class, movement will be reduced to half.  Rounds 7-9 the victim will be unable to do more than move at 1/4 their normal rate as they crawl.  Rounds 10-12 the victim will be a helpless mass of flesh in excruciating pain.  Should some means be utilized to neutralize the poison, the victim will remain at whatever state they were detoxified at.  Restoration of the lost bone requires healing of at least 5th level. 


  1. Sinister, David, I love it! The small observer is a wonderful touch.

  2. It just seemed to fit him so well. More so than the other poisons I came up with.