Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Monthy Audience Participation

While I write this blog entirely for me, I do appreciate each and every comment I get (even that oriental spammer) and I love seeing my blog listed on other peoples blog rolls too. It's nice to know that I'm not just talking to myself. 

I don't always have the initial inspiration for my posts.  Much of the time I get it from all the blogs that I read.  What I'm looking for are things that you might be interested in getting my take on.  Any topic related to gaming, even tenuously, can be suggested.  I'll accept suggestions for 1 week.  After that I will post a poll, which will also run for 1 week.  The winning topic gets at least 1 post, possibly more.  If it really catches my imagination, you might get a whole series!  If this works, I plan on doing it monthly. 

So tell me, what do you want me to talk about?


  1. White collar vs blue collar gamers?

  2. I would wonder what the strangest game ever was like. I have been in some games with people that were pretty weird.