Saturday, August 21, 2010

Three Horrible Poisons: Euryale's Kiss

Bonus 4th Horrible Poison!

The ratman struggled at his chains as Cerastes approached him, dagger in hand.  "Murinae will have your head for this" the ratman spat at him.

"I fear not your king" Cerastes replied.  "In fact we Children of the Gorgon have a gift for him, but I wanted to make sure it was perfect before we deliver it."  Cerastes lashed out with the dagger, causing but a minor wound across the beasts snout which healed almost instantly.  The ratman laughed.  

"Do you think to kill him with that?  You'll need..." He paused, his lips curling back.  Confusion shown in his eyes.  His hands clenched into fists, and a bit of blood dripped down from where his claws pierced his palm.  Next his arms tightened against his chest, and quickly he lay curled on the floor, wrapped tightly around himself.  

Cerastes unlocked the chains, grabbed the creature by it's tail, and dragged it out of his work area.  

Euryale's Kiss

This poison was developed by the alchemists of the Children of the Gorgon, using their own venom.  It is a more refined and distilled toxin, and causes all of the victim's muscles to tighten.  If the victim fails the first saving throw their heart has seized, and they will die immediately.  Should they pass the first they must then make a second saving throw.  Should they fail the second they will become paralyzed for 2d12 hours.

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