Monday, August 9, 2010

Bloodtooth Fungus

Rathger noticed it as they slowly moved down the corridor; a pinkish mushroom growing out of the wall, and dripping something onto the floor.  He started pulling chunks of it off the wall, and popping them into his mouth before anyone could say anything.

"What are you doing?!?" Feris blurted out, quite a bit louder than he'd planned.  

"It's Bloodtooth, have some." He replied, a bit of reddish liquid dripping down his chin.

"He does this every time.  Every.  Single.  Time." Nimble said as he accepted a piece from Rathgar. 

Bloodtooth Fungus is both a bane and a boon to those who seek adventure in the wild places.  For reasons unknown it is almost always found in wilderness locations that are ideal campsites.  Anyone who spends an hour or more in the immediate vicinity of Bloodtooth fungus will find themselves feeling sluggish and anemic as the fungus imperceptibly drains away their life force.

On the other hand, anyone who consumes Bloodtooth fungus will find themselves enjoying an accelerated healing rate, and a boost to their fortitude. The downside is that Bloodtooth fungus tastes like a cross between a raw steak and an adventurer's socks after having cleared the giant rats out of the sewer.  

A patch of Bloodtooth Fungus will drain 1 hit point per hour from any creature in its immediate vicinity.  Consuming Bloodtooth Fungus will allow an extra 1d3 hit points to be recovered the next time a character takes a rest.  A typical patch will have enough to allow 1d4+1 characters to reap its benefits.

Due to it's nature, it tends not to remain in an area for long.  Natural insects and animals will begin to avoid the area, and eventually the fungus will dry up and blow away until it encounters an area with blood and the spores begin to regrow.

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