Monday, August 16, 2010

Three Horrible Poisons: Malinarint's Bane of Derangement

Topic generated via Rusty's Random Blog Post Topic Generator.  While I rolled Three Horrible Poisons as a blog topic, I am going to share them over 3 posts.

Poisons are designed to kill or otherwise incapacitate the unfortunate victim by disrupting a creatures normal biological processes.  Considering the variety of biological processes, sometimes death would be the kinder option, and that's before we get to the realm of magical effects.  For your consideration, I offer these horrible poisons.  I hope your players enjoy them!

Malinarint the Voidstrider saw things that twisted him, spoke with things that broke him, and experienced some strange form of rebirth before returning to the Known World.   Wherever he walked, the people went insane.   Entire villages were burned to the ground, abandoned, or turned into slaughter fields as the madness overtook them.   In relatively short order, the madness stopped.  No one is sure what happened to Malinarint.  Some say he was stopped, others say that he simply abandoned this plane of reality, but whatever happened to him, these poisons are attributed to him.

Malinarint's Bane of Derangement

Being subjected to this poison will cause (with a failed saving throw) the loss of 1 point of wisdom.  In addition, every turn after the initial failed saving throw the victim of this poison must make a wisdom check or lose an additional 1 point of Wisdom.  Should the character fail 3 checks in a row, the character will become insane, and their wisdom checks will be made as if their wisdom was half of its current score.  If their wisdom falls to 0, they will fall comatose and die shortly thereafter.  If a character succeeds at 3 wisdom checks in a row then they have fought off the effects of the poison and will suffer no further wisdom loss.  Wisdom may be restored through magical means.   

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