Friday, August 20, 2010

Three Horrible Poisons: Amaranthus Forsaken

"Really it was a fairly minor wound, but he bleed like a stuck pig.  Even after we wrapped it, after the battle, he kept bleeding.  His blood just kept oozing out.  We replaced the bandage over and over...  Allianora tried her healing magics, but by the time we got him out of there... We lost him." 

The Magus nodded as he looked upon the body of his former pupil.  "Thank you for returning him to me." 

"Is there anything you can do" Nimble asked.

"Perhaps."  The Magus' face was dark.  "Leave me.  I will send word."

When they had gone, the Magus took a large crystal from a nearby shelf, and held it over the lifeless body of Feris.  The stone glowed, and then flashed before falling dark.  Feris gasped and his eyes shot open. 

"You never did pay enough attention during herbalism." There was a hint of a smile at the corner of his mouth. "Maybe now you'll have a little more incentive.  I want a scroll on Love-Lies-Bleeding, and 2 vials of antidote before I release you to your field studies." 

 Amaranthus Forsaken

This poison must be introduced to the victim's blood, and is most often applied to a weapon.  A failed save causes the victim to be highly susceptible to bleeding.   If the victim is already wounded, those wounds will begin to bleed for 1 point of damage per turn.  Any injury sustained after they have fallen victim to this poison will cause an additional 1d3 points of damage, and if they aren't already bleeding the 1 point/turn they will start.  The bleeding will only stop once the victim has bled out or they are completely healed.  If they are completely healed the poison remain in effect for all future wounds until neutralized or 48 hours have passed.

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